Essay on The Effects Of Early Pregnancy On Teenage Pregnancy

Essay on The Effects Of Early Pregnancy On Teenage Pregnancy

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The Effects of Early Pregnancy
Being a teenager means that you are just starting life. Teenager’s role is to study, to play, to make friends and to enjoy the beautiful things in life. However, this joyful and happy life just needs a single mistake to be changed radically; this mistake is to become a teenage mother. For example, every four of 10 teenage girls in the United States get pregnant before the age of 20 (Hillis, Anda, Dube, Felitti & al, 2004). In Teenage Pregnancy a Theoretical Analysis of a Social Problem, Davis (1989) stated “In teenage pregnancy we have a problem about which everyone has an opinion, but apparently no one has a solution” (p. 20). More and more teenage girls are getting pregnant around the world and this significant problem is increasing from the past years. Having a child takes a lot of responsibility’s, is not just about dressing them up and playing with them. Waterhouse (1999). Having a child is far harder than just playing with them. Therefore, financial problems, levels of responsibility’s and social stigma take place in teen mother’s lives.
The first effect of teenage pregnancy is financial problems. Commonly most of the teenagers who experience early pregnancy are high school students. If a teenager gets pregnant during high school, they might need to drop out of school and take care of their child until the teenage mother gets more stable to continue her studies. To illustrate, (Collins, Felderhoff, Kim, Mengo, & Pillai, 2014) compared that only 50 percent of teenagers who get pregnant during high school versus the 90 percent of the teenagers who did not got pregnant during high school in the US, are given a high school diploma by the age 22 years. However, some teenage mothers decide to compl...

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...y, positive parenting, provide emotional support and crate a special place just for teen mothers (Generation Her, 2015).
The last effect of early pregnancy is social stigma and family strife. When a teenage gets pregnant, not only has a strong effect in adults but also in teenager’s lives. Being pregnant as a teenage is commonly a negative situation. As a result, if a teenager experience early pregnancy is not uncommon for the teenage to be stigmatized and discriminated among people. Being stigmatized has many negative effects. According with (Studies from the University of Brighton, 2014) low self-esteem, limited social networks, depressive symptoms, strained interactions with potential stigmatizers, blaming self for being stigmatized, comparing self with inappropriate others, disidentifying with group and ambivalence are some of the effects of being stigmatized.

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