The Effects Of Drug Testing On High School Athletes Essay

The Effects Of Drug Testing On High School Athletes Essay

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Fiona McHugh Randazzo Honors English 9 24 January 2015
Addicted to Testing
The pressure athletes feel in high school can be unbearable. Both the expectations on and
off the field can lead a student to seek relief in a harsh environment. Maryville City Schools are aiming to make athletics incentives to avoid the reckless use of drugs (Slaby). The peer pressure associated with the world of sports can sometimes lead an athlete down roads they are not prepared to journey. Drug testing these high school athletes can help stop usage and addiction of illegal and legal drugs.
Students involved in athletics and after­school activities at the high school level are proven to be held to a high standard. Mr. Thomas McCracken from the Roanoke County School Board states that he feels “if these young adults want to benefit from the privileges associated with being an athlete, club or band member then they have to be held to a higher accountability and thus a greater expectation”(Craig). With McCracken’s words in mind, drug testing is proper. Athletes prove to be role models for kids on and off the field. Whether it 's a captain mentoring a player or a player helping a younger kid, all athletes need to prove themselves to be accountable. Being accountable is simply being responsible for your own actions. When players sign their school contracts they automatically submit themselves to be a positive face for the school. In surveys conducted by the National Parent 's’ Resource Institute for Drug Education (Pride) the
McHugh 1
McHugh 2 substance testing and positive reinforcement of “staying clean” has had a significant impact on
the drug use of Autauga County’s 8th graders (PRIDE). In 2002 the study proved that the nicotine usage in 8th graders wen...

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