The Effects Of Dropping Out Of High School Essay

The Effects Of Dropping Out Of High School Essay

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Not all students who drop out of high school completely disappear from school enrollment rosters. In the United States, dropping out is commonly referred to many as a student quitting school before he or she graduates. It is estimated that nearly 1.2 million students drop out of school annually; the reasons are varied (Berliner 9). The consequences of dropping out can have long impacting affects such as economic and social repercussions (Berliner 8). The intent of this literature review is to examine the current trends in research among various disciplines regarding high school dropouts, the primary causes, and the potential solutions.
It is known that dropping out can be a serious problem, students who drop out have limited options for employment to pursue in their life, if employed they usually end up working in low-skilled, low-paying positions with limited possibilities to advance (Christle 325). The relationship between school experiences and dropout has rarely been considered. The decision to drop out of school is greatly influenced by social, political, and economic factors (Berliner 9). Not everyone grows up in the perfect household with both parents in the picture, nor does everyone grow up in the environment they want to be surrounded by.
A 19 year longitudinal study found that dropping out of high school is determined by multiple factors, with early influences beginning in childhood, and involving family as well as individual factors (Christle 326). The study specifically found that the overall individual and family stressors created low academic performance, high school achievement and motivations and even drug use were associated with a high probability of dropping out (Christle ...

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...achers should influence the student to engage in extra-curricular activities. These activities make the student feel part of a group, and makes them feel more motivated to perform and participate. If a student lacks academic success it restricts them from every activity except academics and eventually they see no value in continuing their education (Year).
Completely stopping students from dropping out is an unrealistic thought. Through the research gathered there are many prevention methods in aiding the problem. Each method has its set of drawbacks, both pros and cons to the method, but with multiple methods of solving the problem it gives students and parents a wide variety of options to gain help. Every person faces struggles of everyday life, to overcome these problems there needs to be someone to open doors to all the opportunities that lie on the other side.

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