Essay on The Effects Of Drinking Coffee On College Women

Essay on The Effects Of Drinking Coffee On College Women

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Other than college students and professors, what else do you need on a college campus? Food and coffee. Coffee and college students go together like peanut butter and jelly. Well, at least some form of caffeine and college students. According to one survey by Smaranda Laura Goţia, Smaranda Rodica Goţia, and Camelia Gurban, who are all from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy, about 58.34% of college students drank coffee and of that 58.34%, 75% were college women (Goţia, Goţia, and Gurban 7). After looking at several studies on the effects coffee has especially on college age women, I was curious on how productive does drinking coffee actually make college women? Other researchers have looked at the physical effects coffee has on college women, however no studies have been conducted looking at how long students can stay focused on one task knowing these health effects.
In one study by Martha E. Beagle, Krum G. Georgiev, and Jeffrey McCheng, who are all researchers on health and human performance, conducted an experiment looking for how coffee and caffeine effect heart rate and blood pressure. After measuring 24 healthy college women’s resting heart rate and blood pressure, the women were asked to walk on the treadmill for six minutes, and were measured again. The next day, subjects drank coffee before walking on the treadmill with their heart rate and blood pressure measured at rest and after walking. On the final day, subjects were asked to ingest a caffeine pill with approximately around the same about of caffeine as the cup of coffee, and were again asked to walk on the treadmill, measuring heart rate and blood pressure before and after exercising. In the results, there was no significant difference in the increase in hea...

... middle of paper ... women’s mental health, specifically, how much does coffee help a student’s productivity? Ideally, I would want to conduct an experiment, so that I could have causational conclusions instead of unknown associations. From a large university, I would ask women from different majors, who regularly drink coffee and some who do not, to participate in my experiment. I would ask them (n=20) to do a series of academic based tests covering basic material in math, history from a lecture, English writing, and science. Including multiple academic areas would reduce the variability because of someone’s major. I would ask two women from ten different majors and ask them to take these series of tests with on drinking caffeinated coffee and the decaffeinated coffee, the placebo. I would compare the test results to the women in the same major to each other in a paired t test.

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