Essay The Effects of Difference Perspectives on Sex

Essay The Effects of Difference Perspectives on Sex

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Historically throughout the earliest centuries, the term gender and sex has been a vital focus in distinguishing the overlap between gender differences. Matlin’s book, Psychology of women, explains that gender similarities of females are at most similar to men, however, considering that culture influences individual’s beliefs; women are expected to behave the way culture entitles us to (Matlin, 2008, p.8). In contrast, the book also reveals that women and men are different from one another in terms of social and intellectual skills according to biological inheritance (Matlin, 2008, p.9). These two perspectives expose valid reasons in terms of the roles that men and women play in society. Even though feminists and female psychologists imply that both men and women are exactly the same, there is however, a strong statistical correlation related to the comparison of men and women according to different brain wiring, strength and endurance (York, n.d., para.10).
Effects of Brain Wiring on Sex

Sex differentiation often characterizes males and females behaviour according to sex hormones, mainly estrogen and testosterone that takes place within the womb. This explains why boys play with cars, and girls play with dolls. Feminists tend to argue that this a result of social stereotypes, but alarming scientific results have shown that this is perhaps due to hormones(York, n.d., para.18). In fact, studies have revealed that problem-solving tasks are different in women and men. Females use problem-solving tasks in both of their hemispheres, whereas, males use only one hemisphere. There is also frequent evidence illustrating that males are better in spatial and math skills. On the other hand, females are considered to be better in vocabular...

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...stics of males and females. For this reason, women and men are greatly influenced by difference perspective.

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