The Effects Of Crime On Victims And Society Essay

The Effects Of Crime On Victims And Society Essay

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Module seven gave me a better understanding on the impact of crime on victims and society. When crime is committed it affects everyone around whether is the crime victims, their families and friends, and communities. “A victims is a person that has suffered direct physical, emotional, or pecuniary harm as a result of the commission of a crime”. (2WEB). Violent crimes are different because crime victims have a more difficult rime coping than property crime victims. Society now days is difficult as well as different, we see shootings, burglaries, kidnapping, assaults, drunk driving and other crimes is daily basis. Overall, crime affects society whether is physically, mentally, or financially.
Everyone is affected by crime, no matter if victims are violent or nonviolent there is always consequences to actions. “Crime affects victims and their families physical, physiological, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, financial, social, and spiritual”. (1STWEB). Even people who are not direct victims of crime can be affected in a negative way. For example, having fear of crime, or facing financial impact of crime. First responders including firefighters, police officers, and emergency medical technicians are also affected by crime. For instance, when dealing with terrorist attacks first responders can be affected by the experiences of crime in a long-term trauma.
Trauma can either be short term or long term. “Short term trauma occurs during or immediate after the crime and las for about three months” (1STWEB). Short-term trauma include reactions like shocked, surprised, or terrified of when may happened, helpless, guilty, or out of control. Victims tend to overcome short term trauma within one to three months. On the other hands, long term ...

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...affects society. I learned that first or second victims are not the only ones who are affected when there is a crime. First responders are affected as well as the community. Crime affects everyone in one way or another. For example physical, physiological, behavioral, emotional, cognitive, financial, social, and spiritual. Short and long term trauma are difficult to deal with, no matter what the situation is. Long term trauma is more challenging to overcome because of addictions or depression that can lead to serious actions. Crime affects society financially by raising car insurances, medical bills, paying more taxes, or higher wages on education. I certainly think that other people should not pay for one else’s actions. I believe a lot of people try to stay away of trouble and crimes therefore is not fair for other people to pay for crimes that are not related to.

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