The Effects Of Concussions On Young Adults With Sports Related Concussions

The Effects Of Concussions On Young Adults With Sports Related Concussions

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In young adults presenting with sport related concussions, how effective is increased education on how to prevent concussions compared to young adults with sport related concussions who did not have that intervention? My PICO is as followed: the population is young adults presenting with sport related concussion, the intervention is increased education, the comparison with other treatment or current practice is that no medical treatment can have a negative cognitive effect, and outcome is a decrease in concussions with an increase of awareness.
The Scope of the EBP
According to Houser (2015, p.29), "Research is about the search for truth. There are, however, multiple approaches to determining and describing truth. Critical to a successful research process is understanding which approach is effective for the particular problem to be solved."
The search for truth for me is going to be about concussions. Concussions has been a major topic working in Neurosciences. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2016), 30 % of all traumatic brain injury results in death. More than half of concussions can be attributed to football (Cournoyer & Tripp, 2014). Many high school athletes do not recognize the signs and symptoms of concussion and fail to report symptoms to a coach because the athlete didn’t realize they were experiencing signs of a concussion (Cournoyer & Tripp, 2014). Returning to play too soon after a concussion can increase ones risk of a serious brain injury (Johnson, 2012).
Responsibility of Team Members
The members of my team are very important to the project. A Neurologist/Neuroscience PA will be conducting the neurocognitive tests, such as ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment ...

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...Based on these findings, there is sufficient evidence to suggest a change in practice. According to Moore, Broglio, and Hillman (2014), in the article Sport-related concussion and sensory function in young adults demonstrated that young adults that were unaware that they had a concussion suffered long term visual defects. A systematic review and meta-analysis of concussion in rugby union (Gardner, Iverson, Williams, Baker, & Stanwell, 2014) discuss the incidence of concussion, knowledge of concussion, neurocognitive testing, and the effectiveness of protective equipment. According to Johnson (2012), in return to play guidelines cannot solve the football-related concussion problem, concludes that more effective concussion prevention is needed. This article suggests eliminating tackling from school football for youth under 16 is recommended to reduce concussions.

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