The Effects Of Concussions Have Been Felt By All Levels Of Athletics Essay examples

The Effects Of Concussions Have Been Felt By All Levels Of Athletics Essay examples

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The effects of concussions have been felt by all levels of athletics in recent years. Although athletes have been aware of concussions since the 1930s, only recently have there been discoveries on the severity they can have on athletes. It is now known that several concussions can cause serious mental issues such as dementia and they can even cause death. From youth leagues all the way up to the pro game, sports are trying to adapt the game in order to reduce the frequency of concussions. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that temporarily alters the way the brain functions. The more concussions someone receives, the more likely that it will lead to long term consequences. About 10 percent of athletes in the United States will get a concussion every year. Because this injury is so common, preventing concussions has become a top priority in athletics. The effects concussions have on the pro game are well known because of the publicity these sports receive. Professional leagues have had major rule changes, improved equipment, and strict protocols for dealing with a concussion. The effects concussions have on youth sports aren’t as obvious because it isn’t as publicized and only the people involved in the sport will know how concussions have affected the game. In youth sports, concussions have affected the brain development of some children, changed the way coaches teach prevention techniques to kids, and caused the participation rates in some sports to decline.

In most cases, a child’s brain recovers fully from a concussion. The problem comes when a child gets multiple concussions. After one concussion, their chances of getting a second one increases. A concussion damages the delicate neural pathways in a child’s develo...

... middle of paper ...

...ay certain sports. Parents don’t think the long-term risk of brain injury is worth playing a youth sport.
Concussions have an effect on so many athletes on all levels. The difference is professional athletes are getting paid and children are not, so it is hard to compare the risks involved in each level. Though the youth game is adapting to decrease the frequency of concussions, many parents still believe it is not worth the risk of hurting the development of their child’sj brain. This is shown with the decline in participation of certain youth sports, such as football. The difference between now and a few years ago is that now parents can make an informed decision based on the information that wasn’t previously available. They know the effects concussions have on a developing brain. All sports will continue to improve their methods of reducing concussions.

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