Effects of Adversity on an Individual's Life Essay

Effects of Adversity on an Individual's Life Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe, the father of horror, was born into a life of misfortune. The incidents in his life took place one after the other. Poe had to struggle through his life from an age of three, when his mother passed away. Regardless of all the adversities he faced, Poe remained strong and shared his feelings with the world through literature. Adversity, is known as, “a condition marked by misfortune.” Almost all human beings have to deal with various adversities, whether it is losing a limb or not being able to play for a favorite hockey team. Despite all the negatives adversity causes, it is required for self-discovery. It is an essential need that makes a person resilient and allows him/her to re-evaluate his/her life.

Adversity is what guides an individual towards self-discovery. “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” This quote relates to adversity very well. That is because when going through hardships, an individual is able to realize what he/she is capable of doing. For instance, if a student chooses full IB for high school, but later realizes that is t...

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