Essay on Effectiveness Of Remote Tele Monitoring

Essay on Effectiveness Of Remote Tele Monitoring

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monitoring. Seven out of eight studies showed statistically significant improvement in quality of life as well as reduced hospitalizations (Eysenbach, 2015).
The Significance of Daily Weight Monitoring
Patients diagnosed with CHF are instructed by their physician to perform daily weight monitoring. Increases in weight by five to six pounds in a week are an indication that the patient’s heart failure is not well controlled and an increase in diuretic medications may be indicated. When patients identify a significant weight gain associated with a heart failure exacerbation, they often experience a delay reporting the findings to their physician. Dendale’s study demonstrated the effective use of remote tele monitoring as a means to improve collaboration with primary care physicians and a marked reduction in repeat hospitalizations within 30 days of a prior admission, specifically for CHF patients (Dendale, et al., 2014). In Dendales’ study he used a 2 kg absolute weight gain as a trigger alert through tele home monitoring yielding a 2 times reduction in admission as opposed to non-monitored patients (Dendale, et al., 2014).
Why Focus on Readmissions?
Hospital readmissions are a significant focus for CMS and all private insurance companies. Metzger suggests that innovative solutions like home monitoring are essential to support the growing concerns by acute care hospitals, at risk for reduced revenue for readmissions of CHF patients under the current CMS payment methodology (Metzger, 2012). A subsequent study confirmed that hospitals with heart failure patients experiencing earlier physician follow-up (generally within one week of discharge) had lower rates of readmission for these patients (Metzger, 2012).
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...lars in medical expense for hospitalization totaling an average of $150,000 per study participant.. The high cost claims data related to hospital care was the impetus for my selected research study. The outcomes from this study will assist me to support budget increases for additional tele home monitoring in 2016.
A key intervention of the study involves a comprehensive assessment by a Registered Nurse Case Manager, intended to screen each potential participant and determine the patient’s ability to operate the tele monitoring equipment. 40 patients with high inpatient utilization were selected for the experimental group and 40 matched patients were selected for the control group. Both groups have similar features and have the same medical complications and treatment plans’, although the experimental group participated in tele home monitoring as an additional

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