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Ecton Inc. is a small company that develops innovative solutions in the medical imaging market. The latest device they have developed is the first portable, highly compact, fully digital, echocardiography. Traditional echocardiographies are large pieces of equipment that offer zero mobility. This rendered emergency rooms powerless to the convenience mobility offers. For example, if a doctor needed to receive an image of a patents heart they would have to schedule and move a patient to the location of the echocardiography. In an emergency situation this limits the data doctors require to make an accurate prescription if the patient cannot be move to the machine. By miniaturizing this device Ecton has ushered in a revolution in the medical imaging arena. The next step for the company is to decide how they are going to introduce the product to the market. This study has put me in the driver’s seat and offered me a glimpse of what the CEO was faced with when making this decision. I will provide my opinion regarding the next steps Ecton should perform moving forward with their newly developed disruptive technology.
First of all we need to understand the type of technology this device represents. Is this a sustaining innovation? Or is this a completely new disruptive product? After fully understanding this aspect we can make better decisions regarding the future of the firm and its product. This device offers many benefits that current products do not. As explained earlier, this device is extremely portable, offering emergency rooms the flexibility and convenience they seek to provide patients with the best treatment possible. Likewise, this product will come in at a price point much lower than current echocardiographies, further separ...

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...tive culture could be lost due to this acquisition. Although there are some obstacles with this route, searching for an acquisition partner seems like the fastest and most logical approach.
If I were asked to run Ecton during this period, I would suggest they utilize option two and seek out an acquisition partner. The benefits clearly outweigh the negatives in the scenario. The immediate cash, employs, and, marketing power is what this innovative product requires to capitalize on the large sales this technology is capable of capturing. By staying independent the time lost trying to create new value streams and processes seems unnecessary if the option to avoid this while providing the optimal return on investment to the shareholders exists. Bottom line, maximize shareholder return and create an optimal environment where this budding technology can rapidly grow.

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