Effective Communication For Performance Improvement Essay

Effective Communication For Performance Improvement Essay

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Utilizing the Fournies Process, a five-step discussion process that is designed to get the employee agree that a performance issue exists and to have them commit to a course of action to resolve it, will help aid the supervisor during the coaching process (Werner & DeSimone, 2012, p. 337). Getting the employee to agree there is a need for performance improvement can only happen when there is effective communication of the issue. Once an agreement has been made, the supervisor and employee must decide what solutions are available for the problem. During this process it is crucial that the employee identifies their own unique alternatives. One all alternatives have been discussed and both parties agree which alternative to pursue, there should be a specific time and place to conduct a follow up. The scheduled follow up must consist of the supervisor insuring that the agreed-upon actions to increase desired behaviors is being met. This step is crucial because it allows the supervisor to show the employee that they are invested in their development. The last part of the process is recognizing when there are achievements regardless if the whole problem is corrected or not. This allows the supervisor to keep note of the steps that are being taken to improve performance as well as addressing areas of concern. By doing so the employee will feel acknowledge for their efforts and want to continue to work towards fully correcting their behaviors.
Linkage to Employee Development
Employee development is not achieved overnight. The process needs clearly defined goals, commitment from both the supervisor as well as the employee to achieve the outlined goals. The needs of the employee such as new responsibility, new skills, constant feedback and...

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... in continued employee success (Werner & DeSimone, 2012, p. 340). Human capital is an important factor of production that requires good management in order to attract and retain the best talents, hence increasing the company’s overall gains. Linking performance with organization rewards provides an incentive for employees to be innovative and boosts their morale. In saying that, successful businesses have to adopt this strategy in an attempt to maximize the gains accruing from the investment made on the human capital. Organizations should identify the best performing workers or groups of workers and either reward them monetarily or afford other forms of non-monetary rewards. Lastly, publicizing such rewards is an effective way of motivating other employees in the firm since they tend to emulate the rewarded employees to earn such recognition the next time.

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