The Effect of Viewing Varying Levels and Contexts of Violent Sports Essay

The Effect of Viewing Varying Levels and Contexts of Violent Sports Essay

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1. Raney, A. A., & Depalma, A. J. (2006). The Effect of Viewing Varying Levels and Contexts of Violent Sports Programming on Enjoyment, Mood, and Perceived Violence. Mass Communication & Society, 9(3), 321–338. doi:10.1207/s15327825mcs0903_4
The first two article were probably the most useful in my current study. They both were about media’s influence in aggression in sports. It’s turned to be a difficult task finding articles that included media influence on sports. Both articles also gave me lots of leads to other research on the subject. Consequence, both studies were conducted by Raney.
This study was about the influence of sports violence on the viewer’s enjoyment, mood, and perception of violence. Participants view videotaped sports events that included “unscripted” violence play, “scripted” violent play and no violence play. Participants complete a questionnaire measuring reactions to the video and mood level following the clips. Scripted play is closely related to media commentary that this is the subject of this study.
*Investigators concluded that participants found much more enjoyment from violent sports in the study.
*Viewers found the scripted play to be more violent than the “unscripted” play.
2. Raney, A. A., & Kinnally, W. (2009). Examining Perceived Violence in and Enjoyment of Televised Rivalry Sports Contests. Mass Communication & Society, 12(3), 311–331. doi:10.1080/15205430802468744
This study also gave me lots of leads to other research. This study also included media’s influence on spectator’s enjoyments of games, thus I was able to connect to enjoyment of aggressive.
In this study researchers investigated perceived violent and enjoyment by spectators. Participan...

... middle of paper ... to the study, other factors that contributed to the fan’s participation in aggressive behavior were the young, unemployed, and poorly educated.
11. White, G. F. (1989). Media and Violence: The Case of Professional Football Championship Games. Aggressive Behavior, 15(6), 423–433.
This study showcased the violence by spectators after a sporting event, however it was not as helpful as I thought it would be for my study. I was hopeful because it did include media as a factor in the study. However, I felt that it did not include a great deal of findings that helped my current study.
White investigated the effect of the National Football League playoff games on the incidence of homicide in cities in which the games were of the highest interest
White found that those cities with losing teams held a significantly higher homicide rate.

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