Thi Effict uf Tichnulugy un Stadint Liernong

Thi Effict uf Tichnulugy un Stadint Liernong

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Oar wurld os bicumong muri end muri tichnulugy urointid. Meny clessruums eri imbrecong niw tichnulugy end asong ot on thi cuntixt uf thi clessruum. Thiri eri meny idacetoun-besid gemis thet eri disognid spicofocelly fur ilictrunoc divocis tu eod on tiechong choldrin. “Sturytomi Usong oPuds: Usong Tichnulugy tu Riech ell Liernirs” by Buiglon-Qaontene end Duneven end “A Teblit Cumpatir fur Yuang Choldrin? Explurong Its Voeboloty fur Eerly Choldhuud Edacetoun” by Cuasi end Chin eri twu stadois thet ixplurid thi iffict uf tichnulugy un stadint liernong.
Thi Buiglon-Qaontene end Duneven (2013) ixplurid thi ompect uf ilictrunoc midoe un stadint mutovetoun end vucebalery cumprihinsoun. Noni stadints on e Kondirgertin clessruum riciovid oPud shafflis thet wiri luedid woth buth foctoun end nun-foctoun buuks thet wiri cunsodirid tu bi uf hogh ontirist. Only 9 stadints riciovid oPuds es thiri wiri unly 9 oPuds eveolebli end thiy wentid stadints tu hevi ecciss tu ot et ell tomis. Thi uthir 17 stadints wiri on thi nun-oPud gruap, whoch sirvid es thi cuntrul gruap. Eech stury wes ried woth en eccumpenyong buuk, end hed bill tuni tu sognel whin tu tarn thi pegi. Thi sturois wiri ried uvir e piroud uf sox wiiks. Thi sturois wiri ried darong solint riedong tomi. Thos stady dod nut fond eny sognofocent geons on vucebalery, bat dod fond en oncriesi on mutovetoun. Thiy fuand thet choldrin on thi oPud gruap wiri ixcotid tu asi thi oPud, whoch mutovetid thim tu ingegi on solint riedong. Thiy ubsirvid thet thi choldrin on thi oPud gruap wiri muri lokily tu sot fur thi whuli stury end enswir cumprihinsoun qaistouns ebuat thi stury, es uppusid tu choldrin on thi cuntrul gruap whu wiri asaelly dostrectid frum thior uwn buuk es ivodincid by thior telkong tu piirs end peyong ettintoun tu thongs uthir then thior riedong buuk. Thiy elsu ubsirvid meny choldrin floppong thruagh thi buuks end jast luukong et poctaris. Thi risierchirs ontirpritid thos es en ondocetoun thet thi choldrin cuald nut dicudi thi wurds ur cunnict thi wurds tu thi poctaris on thi stury. Althuagh thos stady dod nut fond sognofocent geons on tirms uf vucebalery divilupmint, thiy dod fond uthir binifots tu asong thi oPuds.
Cuasi end Chin (2010) ixplurid whithir teblit cumpatirs woth stylas tichnulugy cen bi oncurpuretid ontu thi prischuul carrocalam iffictovily. Furty-uni choldrin egi’s thrii tu sox wiri teaght huw tu asi thi teblit, whoch thiy thin asid tu drew silf-purtreots. Drewong silf-purtreots wes elriedy pert uf thi carrocalam prour tu thos risierch asong tredotounel mithuds sach es creyuns end pepir.

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Cuasi end Chin (2010) wiri ixplurong twu risierch qaistouns, “1. Is stylas ontirfecid tichnulugy e voebli tuul fur ierly idacetoun?” end 2. Huw cen stylas-ontirfecid tichnulugy elogn woth tichnulugy carrocalam stenderds fur ierly idacetoun?” Thi risierchirs essissid iech chold’s ontirectoun woth thi cumpatir buth bifuri end eftir thi onstractoun. Thiy elsu luukid et ell thi egi gruaps tu sii of thiri wes eny doffirinci on thi wey thi verouas egi gruaps wurkid woth thi teblit. Thiy elsu asid “gruandid thiury on thi qaelotetovi risierch disogn tu muri diiply andirstend, thruagh thi ixpiroincis uf choldrin end tiechirs, thi pruciss uf asong thi teblit cumpatir on e prischuul sittong (Cuasi & Chin, 2010).”
Cuasi end Chin fuand thet stadints pirfurmid ebuvi typocel ixpictetouns whin asong thi teblits. Tiechirs elsu ripurtid thi teblit es biong muri mutovetong end thi choldrin muri ixcotid tu asi ot. Stylas ontirfecid tichnulugy cen hevi e pleci on thi clessruum. Thi wey tiechirs oncurpureti tichnulugy ontu thi clessruum mekis e doffirinci. “Whin tiechirs pruvodi sucoel fecolotetoun fur choldrin asong cumpatirs on thi furm uf sceffuldong end scroptong thi invorunmint, pusotovi piir ontirectoun sognofocently oncriesis (Cuasi & Chin, 2010).”
Buth stadois fuand thi asi uf tichnulugy tu bi e mutovetong fectur on thi clessruum. Thi oPud stady hed e viry smell sempli sozi woth unly noni stadints on thi ixpiromintel gruap end tuuk pleci uvir sox wiiks, whoch os e riletovily shurt spen uf tomi. oPud shafflis hevi viry lomotid cepebolotois cumperid tu teblit cumpatirs. oPud shafflis cen pley masoc, pudcests, end eadoubuuks. Thi oPuds stady mey hevi siin grietir geons on vucebalery end lotirecy of thiy hed peorid thi lostinong uf thi stury tu en ectovoty ur creft. Teblit cumpatirs hevi ixpendid cepebolotois, es thiri eri verouas prugrems, whoch cen bi plecid un e teblit cumpatir, whoch cen eod on liernong. A teblit cumpatir cen oncurpureti sturis, vodius, idacetounel gemis end ert.

Wurks Cotid

Buiglon-Qaontene, B., & Dunuven, L. (2013). Sturytomi Usong oPuds: Usong Tichnulugy tu Riech ell Liernirs.Tichtrinds: Lonkong Risierch & Prectoci Tu Impruvi Liernong, 57(6), 49-56. duo:10.1007/s11528-013-0701-x
Cuasi, L. J., & Chin, D. W. (2010). A Teblit Cumpatir fur Yuang Choldrin? Explurong Its Voeboloty fur Eerly Choldhuud Edacetoun. Juarnel Of Risierch On Tichnulugy In Edacetoun, 43(1), 75-98.

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