The Effect of Stomata Density on the Midrib and Margin of Woody Dicot Leaves

The Effect of Stomata Density on the Midrib and Margin of Woody Dicot Leaves

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The Effect of Stomata Density on the Midrib and Margin of Woody Dicot Leaves

Plants are relied heavily on their ability to exchange water and gases to keep life on Earth alive and well. Tiny, microscopic pores that are found on the surface of stems and leaves in plants are vital in order for this exchange to occur. These pores, or openings, are called stomata (Freeman, 2011). Stomata are mainly open when photosynthesis is occurring, which takes place during the day, and are closed at night. The stomata also tend to open and close in response to various stimuli and physiological states. Stomata density is the number of stomata per leaf area. Photosynthesis is certainly higher at the margin of the leaf rather than the center of the leaf; this is due to the fact that the edge of the leaf can be particularly active, mainly in cooler climate (USA, 2014). Therefore, toothed leaves are more prone to be able to exchange gases more relatively. Furthermore, leaf margin analysis can be used to determine what the climate is during a time period. Back in 150,000-year period, oxygen exchanging gasses within the fossil was documented, thus in this experiment LMA will be tested to see if more stomata are in the margin of the leaves.
In this experiment we will determine the amount of photosynthetic gases that are being exchanged to determine the uptake of carbon dioxide while water and oxygen is being released into the external atmosphere. This data will be used to determine the climate of the environment. In order to determine this, counting of smooth leaves, tooth leaves, and the stomata within the midrib and the edges of the leaves will be accounted for. The null hypothesis will conclude that there is no effect on...

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... carbon fixation rapidly denature” (Environmental Correlates of Leaf Stomata Density (Description).").
Since the amount of stomata in each field of view is relatively abundant, it was fairly difficult to keep an exact count of how many each area actually restricted. For future research I would possibly keep a tally or have indications on how I counted the stomata. Overall the results are found to be coherent.
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Freeman, Scott. Biological Science / Scott Freeman. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2011. Print.
USA, 2014. Leaf Structure-Function & Writing Lab Reports. University of South Alabama Biological Sciences Department Laboratory Exercise, Accessed February 2014, 11 pages.

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