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The Effect of Noise Essay

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Noise does not discriminate, it has no face, no limits, no size however it has an identity which is described as a loud, surprising, irritating, static, or unwanted sound just to name a few. Noise affects people in several ways, from nature cause noise to artificial noise. It will be here and it has a substantial effect on our lives. Noise exists in every area, where some sorts of energy of any kind occur. Any form of noise can be very damaging to our hearing. Both the level of noise and the length of time you constantly hear to the noise can put you at risk for hearing loss and stress.
In today’s reality, we are living in the time where most of the noises are mostly man made. This generation often ignored that these kinds of noises, we are living with are less than two thousand years old. In to the industrial revolution, the world was transition in to the machine period with some very strong attachments of noises. This transition was referred to the change from hand made to machine and factory. Because of these demands, of so call economically production of goods, we are allowing ourselves to living in a much polluted environment. Noise is one of the pollution that was created from this transition, and the first which is created on the very first day machine was created and generated energy. At the same time, noise consequently started to cause damages to our ecosystem and ultimately has some major impact on human wellbeing such as aggression, hypertension, high stress level, hearing loss, and sleep disturbance.
The main source of noise pollution is coming from transportations, constructions, and industrial. Noise pollution in our oceans is constantly increasing, by the demand of commercial and military shipping traffic, sh...

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