The Effect Of Framing On Care Intentions Essay

The Effect Of Framing On Care Intentions Essay

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Discussion of Practical Implications

Review of Predictions
The results suggest the first hypothesis was generally not supported as there was no overall effect of framing on care intentions, however, framing successfully manipulated security concerns which were correlated with affordability and lower fairness under the retributive frame and retributive framing increased care intentions under the no fine condition.
The second hypothesis was generally not supported as the fine size did not impact passport care attitudes and intentions. However, large fines were seen as more expensive and less fair (compensation condition). The third and fourth hypotheses were not supported as the results did not find that framing or fine size impacted timely reporting attitudes or intentions. These results reveal that none of the hypothesis are conclusively supported, thus, there is no effect of framing or fine size on passport care and timely reporting.

Relation to Literature
The results of the first and third hypothesis are not supported by the literature as Kurtz, Thomas and Fonseca (2014) found retributive framing resulted in higher behavioral compliance, and in the current study the framing of the fine did not affect passport care and timely repotting attitudes or intentions.
Choo, Fonseca and Myles (2015), and Friedland (1982) also suggested larger fines increase tax compliance; the results in the current study suggested fine size did not influence passport care or timely reporting, thus, hypothesis two and four run counter to these findings. This may be the case as the effect of fine size may not generalizable across contexts.

Practical implications
Although the results do not align heavily with the prior research and the main variabl...

... middle of paper ... resulted in the difference between the current study and the literature. Therefore, it is suggested in the future that participant behavior be measured.

Lastly, a student population was used (sample bias) which may have affected their perceptions of fine size. Comparison of students with other populations such as working adults has revealed discrepancies between the samples (Choo et al., 2015). This difference may be applicable to the current study as the means of fee affordability (2.39) was well below the average (4), consequently, reducing reporting intentions and increasing care intentions compared to working adults, potentially leading to the lack of significance between the fine sizes. Therefore, it is suggested that either another sample be used (such as working adults) or the amount of the fines be reduced to a level which is more applicable to students

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