The Effect of Different Size Rubber Bands on Stretch Rates

The Effect of Different Size Rubber Bands on Stretch Rates

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Three different size rubber bands each with their own rate of stretch when weight is added. By creating a makeshift basket, the group was able to connect a rubber band to a ring stand. After two washers were added, the group would calculate how much the washers would affect the rate of stretch of each rubber band. Multiple washers were added until the maximum amount of weights were in the basket. The shorter rubber band took more weight in order to stretch the rubber band, however the larger rubber band would not require as much force to change the rate of stretch of the rubber band. Each rubber band had its own stretch rate. The stretch of the rubber band when weight is added is affected by the length of the rubber band.

Materials and Methods:
Independent Variable- Length of the rubber band.
Dependent Variable- Rate of stretch when weight is added.
Control Variables-
• Same person measures rate of change- Avoids any miscalculations from other persons.
• Same washer size- Different size washers could tamper with the weight and rate of stretch.
• Stationary ring stand- By having the ring stand taped to the table, avoids the ring stand from shifting and avoiding faulty calculations.
• Unused rubber bands- If a stretched rubber band is used, it could alter the rate of stretch.
• All materials are quality controlled.
• Different size rubber bands are the same material.
• Rubber bands are unstretched and unused.
1. One 7.62 cm x 0.3175 cm rubber band
2. One 8.89 cm x 0.3175 cm rubber band
3. One 17.78 cm x 0.3175 cm rubber band
4. Four paper clips
5. Dixie Cup
6. Ring Stand
7. Meter Stick
8. 20 Same Size Washers
9. Scotch Tape
1. With a hole puncher, make two holes in the cup. One on each side. Clip three paper clips together, with the two end paper clips through the holes. This makes an accurate weight basket.
2. Attach a paper clip to the ring stand, tape with 5 cm piece of tape to reinforce paper clip. Put 7.62 cm x 0.31745 cm rubber band on the paper clip.
3. Attach basket to the rubber band on the ring stand.
4. Position the ring stand so it hangs over the table. Attach meter stick to the table, and make sure the meter stick flush with the rubber band,
5. Add two washers and wait until there is no movement with the basket. Then record the date and the units. Repeat steps until all washers are used (ten total data points).
6. Repeat with the next two sized rubber bands.

It was hypothesized that the stretch of the rubber band when weight is added is effected by the original length of the rubber band.

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The hypothesis was supported because when weight was added to the rubber bands, the rate of stretch increased. The data also proves the hypothesis because all three rubber bands have various slopes. Rubber band one had a slope of 6.927 cm, rubber band two has a slope of 7.613 cm and rubber band three had a slope of 17.505 cm. It was predicted that it would take more weight to stretch the smaller sized rubber bands rather than the larger size rubber band. The hypothesis is also supported because all the groups in the class all had different slopes. The group claimed that the smaller rubber bands would require more weight to be added in order for the rate of stretch to increase. The group also claimed that the larger rubber band requires less weight to be added to effect its rate of change. The claims recorded properly support the hypothesis because they show that the different size rubber bands would each have its own rate of change.
According to the research conducted from the group, there were possible random and systematic errors happening in the graph, creating scatter in the graph.

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