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The Effect of a Mother Essay examples

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The Effect of a Mother
“A wise mother knows: It is her state of consciousness that matters. Her gentleness and clarity command respect. Her love creates security” (Vimala McClure). Mothers play an important roll in a child’s life; shaping how a child will view things in the world, their religious beliefs, he way how they set up their values in life and etc. Every individual life is shaped by personal relationships they have with others. Toni Morrison’s Sula, tells the story of a black community in the fictional town Medallion, Ohio, where two girls grow up together, Sula and Nel, are formed by the influence of race, gender and society. Morrison describes the various stresses and sacrifices of motherhood and offers varied examples of motherhood. The female relationships and especially the mother-daughter relationship prove to be highly important for the identity development of the female characters in the novel. The women are faced with severe consequences due to racism. The double marginality the characters encounter influences the mother-daughter relationship and subsequently their identity development.
The relationship between Eva and Hannah Peace effect the way how Hannah raises Sula Peace. Both Eva and Hannah do not like their children but they say that they love them. Eva Peace is a woman full of integrity, pride, and will do anything for her children. Her way of raising her children is far off from other mothers. When Eva’s children were young she left them for an entire year and came back out of nowhere. After Eva is abandoned by BoyBoy, she goes through drastic measures to ensure the survival of her three children and herself. Morrison tells the story of Eva who has to endure a miserable winter with three children an...

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...ys her inner strength while still remaining different from others. Just like her grandmother and mother, Sula continues the inescapable maternal line of rebelling against the assemblage and traditions of gender roles, but lacks the “capacities for emotional nurturing, empathy and connection” (Gillespie 40).

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