Edward "Blackbeard" Teach The Man Who Scourged the Seas Essay

Edward "Blackbeard" Teach The Man Who Scourged the Seas Essay

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Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard the Pirate, was the most infamous man to set sail on the Caribbean Sea. Thought to be the devil himself by many sailors, he was the admiral of four ships and over one hundred and forty men. Teach was feared as the devil for multiple reasons, but the major fact that applied to this was his appearance. There is minimal information about Teach’s early life, but it has been presumed that he was born in Bristol, England in 1680. He may have also been a merchant seaman before his pirating career. Then in 1716, he settled on the island of New Providence, where he joined the crew of Captain Benjamin Hornigold. Hornigold then retired, received the King George II’s pardon, and Teach replaced him. Teach eventually was killed in the gory battle of Ocracoke Island in 1718 (Last Days). Teach’s pirating career lasted for only two years, but that was just enough time to inspire many writers.
Teach’s early life is currently secluded, and can only be speculated. This applies to his name as well. His first name, according to a few early sources, may have been Drummond. There are also many possible ways that his last name may have been spelled. Blackbeard’s last name could have been Thach, Thatch, Theach, Thatche, Tack, and the most commonly used, Teach. Teach was speculated to have been born in Bristol, England. His date of birth cannot be exact, as the age he died is unknown. The age he died is estimated to have between his late thirties and early forties making Teach’s date of birth around 1680. One early source states that he was born in a prosperous family, which could very well be possible. Bristol was, at the time, a moderately sized city and one of the centers of trade for England. This would have allow...

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...d to kill off Maynard’s men before he finally bleed out. After the battle, Maynard examined Teach’s body, and found that he had been shot five time and stabbed at least twenty times.

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