The Educational Practices Of The Classroom Essay

The Educational Practices Of The Classroom Essay

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How is it that a student can be disruptive and disconnected in one classroom and be a respectful and engaged student in another classroom? The difference is the educational practices of the classroom teachers. The same student but different teachers with different values, beliefs, strategies and practices. In today’s classrooms teachers face overwhelming demands and challenges from students, parents, administrators and society as a whole. They are expected to know pedagogy, curricular content, develop engaging learning opportunities that meet the needs of diverse students and use a variety of instructional strategies to increase student learning gains, all while simultaneously developing personal relationships with students that are daily experiencing academic and social challenges (Beaty-O’Ferrall, Green & Hanna, 2010). More than ever before teachers are being faced with an increased responsibility of not just increased academic development but high expectations for their student’s social development in a contemporary society saturated with very difficult social issues and challenges (Le Roux, 2001). Coupled with these challenging expectations, teachers are faced with increasing achievement gaps within progressively diverse classrooms.
The dramatic demographic shift in the U.S. is more prevalent in public schools than anywhere else (Brown, M. 2007). Mono-cultural school settings are rare with 96% of the global society consisting of multi-cultural settings (Le Roux, 2001). As the school population has become more diverse, the teaching force has remained predominately white, middle-class and inadequately prepared to manage the reality and challenges that result from the increased cultural diversity in classrooms (Milner & T...

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...ue experiences that each brings to the learning community. I propose framing this concept of effective teaching on teachers, students, classrooms and schools working together to be authentically responsive to all individuals. Acknowledging, respecting and valuing one another for who they are as individuals and as a part of a caring learning community. Creating learning environments that are inspiring, stimulating and reflective of the diversity of all individuals. Maintaining learning environments that promote and encourage building positive and supportive relationships with and among students, families, teachers, administrators and community members. An innovative learning community where everyone is able to successfully develop academically and socially and where everyone is also willing to teach and share from their lived experiences enriching everyone’s lives.

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