Education Specialist At District Health Department

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Introduction District Health Department 10 services for 10 counties in the mid-Michigan area, including; Crawford, Kalkaska, Lake, Manistee, Mason, Mecosta, Missaukee, Oceana, Newaygo, Wexford. There are 187 Employees at District Health Department 10 and they are distributed around the different counties that are serviced for DHD#10. Our contact person for this project is Melanie Perry, CHES is s Health Education Specialist at District Health Department #10 in the Manistee County Office. Melanie has been working with us to help implement a campaign that will increase the amount of services offered by the DHD#10. Our goal for this project is to “promote the diverse population that uses DHD#10 services and bring light to the idea that it is not only the low income/uninsured population that chooses to receive services from DHD#10” (Perry). We started our project by looking at the Humans of New York (HONY) that captures real people’s stories and helps to understand that we all struggles in life, but there are people out there that are willing to listen and help you with your daily struggles. We have decided to prepare a survey for customers that use DHD#10 now to help give us feedback on what services are being used and why. This will help us to get to know the customers better and see what their stories here in the DHD#10 area. Our program name is going to be the People of DHD#10. We are going to launch using Facebook, similar to the HONY campaign. We will then match up the services that people need with a familiar face from the health department. Campaign Goals and Strategies Specific: Finding individuals who use DHD#10 services, and are willing to provide their own story about how DHD#10 helped them in anyway. If they are w... ... middle of paper ... ...ents and/or employees with a brief story about themselves and sharing it on the health department’s social media page) ● Making flyers to support the campaign and DHD#10 services, and sending them out to each county. ● ● Recommendations ● Assessing the best way to link up DHD#10 services with individuals who may not own cell phones, or simply aren’t very tech savy. ● Annually assess the quality and effectiveness of the campaign and whether or not it is losing momentum. ● Looking at allocating the funds towards the proper promotional channels (Did flyers work better than sending out the campaign through facebook for example) ● Getting client’s written feedback on if they saw/liked the campaign and if it made them more likely to seek out DHD#10’s services.
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