Essay on The Education Of Canadian Community Colleges

Essay on The Education Of Canadian Community Colleges

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Canada is a federal country, sparsely populated, resource-rich in the West - Dagger large-scale industrial developed countries. Vocational education is also very well-developed, mainly post-secondary vocational education, its educational types are: to grant diplomas and certificates in community colleges (equivalent to China 's vocational) education; non-academic vocational training and preparatory training; adult vocational education and training. Higher vocational education is in various forms: There are two-year or three-year specialist, four-year undergraduate (with the University Liaison Office), and one-year post-graduate professional certification classes. According to Association of Canadian Community Colleges (Association of Canadian Community Colleges) recently released statistics show, there are now 175 community colleges. Dating back to World War II, before the Federal Government of Canada in 1913 and 1919, respectively, promulgated "agricultural training method" and the "Technical Education Act", 1937, promulgated the "Youth Training Act." The Bill seeks to promote the development of vocational and technical education, but because of the war and the primary and secondary schools is not universal and other reasons, failed to develop vocational education. After World War II, Canada, full use of natural resources, developing the national economy, designing a "post-industrial society" blueprint for development. At the same time, large numbers of veterans return to land, strong demand to receive vocational education, the traditional "Apprenticeship" system can not meet the economic and technological development. To this end, developed a targeted, skills to master fast, single-specific training materials, thus promoting th...

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..., the decision between the two countries use different responsibility, responsibility content is also a significant difference. responsibility courses in Canada re-employment, re-practice, re-use, adapted to specific career needs, the entire development process by the industries and enterprises, employers monitoring, its responsibility content needs to change with the job change. China 's responsibility courses due to the education sector, the planned restrictions and fetters of the limited responsibility stresses based on theory, heavy, heavy system, continuing the long-standing three-stage responsibility is almost constant. This model occupational groups and students to adapt to the needs of transfer, the entire development process, although a sector enterprises to participate, but the responsibility decision-making in schools, there is inevitably out of touch with

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