Education Is A Student Learning Essay

Education Is A Student Learning Essay

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Education. Education is a student learning how to calculate the velocity of a ball falling from the top of a building. Education is a student learning about how certain literature affected movements in different periods of time. Education is a student learning that on a galactic scale we, as humans, are extremely small and insignificant. Education is a student learning about the culture of another area and coming to understand it. Education is learning and understanding. Education is teaching students to think. Learning is the key to education, which sounds obvious but upon closer inspection, really is the key to a good education. It is one thing to go to class and from there know what a concept is. But, it’s entirely different to learn. Learning is understanding it, knowing how it interacts with other concepts, how it can be used. Learning a concept and knowing a concept are, to me, two totally different thing. You know a student learned something through one of two things, body language or application. The widening of their eyes, the mouth drop, the smiles, a fist pump, or even just an exclamation of understanding. These are all signs a teacher looks for to see if a student really gets it. But beyond that, they know how to apply what they have learned. A teacher must learn to look for signs of actual understanding, rather than trusting a student knew how to take the test.
I am a believer in balance, in being adaptable, and that education is the building block of society. A teacher must discover their role in every classroom. Are they a lecturer, imparting their knowledge and expertise on a subject onto new minds? Or are they a fellow learner, learning alongside their students and discovering new ideas? Teachers must also find a ...

... middle of paper ... about why they are here and making them use their creativity. However subjects like math and science take a backseat to the more creative oriented classes. I am a firm believer that you need a balance of academic and creative classes, maybe a bit of favorability for what students wish to pursue career wise.
Overall, my main philosophy is this. A good teacher is adaptable, fair, not easily walked over, knows where to find balance, and cares for their students. I know once I get into the actual job I will not have as much time to do what I wish I could, but I will try my hardest. My main priority, however, will be my students. My job is not get them to the next year and eventually to college or into the workforce. My job as a teacher is to help students find their way in life. A teacher is a guide. How they guide their students, that’s up to the teacher themselves.

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