Essay on Education For Women 's Education

Essay on Education For Women 's Education

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Education for women in America was previously an issue that women were fighting for and finally succeeded in being granted rights to go to school. Before women started fighting for this right, a Republican thought it would be fit that women be educated because this was a necessity for the future of the Republican Party to grow positively in America. Benjamin Rush, the Republican speaking on behalf of women education, was worried about the kind of leaders there would be to choose from without women able to educate their sons. In Hyman Kuritz’s document, “Benjamin Rush: His Theory of Republican Education” you can explicitly see that there is a divide among the people in America and that education could be the solution to this divide. By comparing this document to, “Modern Chivalry”, “The Sedition Act”, and “The Education of Republican Women” one would assume that there is a divide between American leaders’ democratic words and their more important authoritarian impulses, which is on the subject of women education.
Hyman Kuritz document, “Benjamin Rush: Theory of Republican Education” shows a change in divide, as described above, over a period of time. This divide consist of less democracy and more restricting laws or more democracy and less restricting laws. This means that the leaders of the democracy make is sound like you have more say in the things you do, but really they have so many laws that you cannot do anything at all and vice versa. In this document, Rush is the democratic leader and has proposed to educate republican people in a way to suppress this divide, but all he does is create another divide between education and society. Rush creates this divide by acknowledging that all women should be educated to positivel...

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... to a punishment because this is unlawful. This is exactly what Rush is doing to the Republican women by educating them, some, and having them teach men the ways of the Republican Party, so that he can insure future leaders. By insuring future leaders, he is also messing with the government of the United States because he knows that they will lead America by the values that he has taught them. Rush could be planning to manipulate the United States with the values of the Republican Party.
All in all, there is no benefit to women for gaining education rights from Rush because he had no intentions of making education fair for them. All he wanted to do was use this as a benefit for educating future leaders of America and by doing this he created a divide between education and society, instead of the original divide between democratic leader’s words and there impulses.

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