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The Sociologist and the Movie Man Gerry Garibaldi, a high school teacher and Michael Kimmel, a professor of sociology both explain how the consequences of the feminism movement are harming boys in school and later in life. Kimmel and Garibaldi present their views on the gender education problems in their articles “How The Schools Shortchange Boys” and “A War Against Boys”. Both make passionate arguments and prove that boys are at a disadvantage in modern feminized classrooms. Kimmel’s arguments about the problems boys face in the American educational system are more convincing than Garibaldi’s, because his style of argumentation is more objective, supported by more statistics, and provides unbiased restatement of opposing views. Garibaldi shares his professional experience in order to For example, he says, ”females diagnosed with learning disabilities simply don’t exist” (426). Even if the number of girls in special education programs is smaller in comparison with boys, Garibaldi did not hesitate to reduce the number to zero. He is more emotionally attached than Kimmel, far more aggressive and seems incredibly outraged. Kimmel in his article “A War Against Boys” presents three key problems with boys: lower grades, lower class rank and fewer honors, but unlike Garibaldi he does not take the boys side. He discusses the differences between boys’ and girls’ behavior in academics, “girls suppress ambition, boys inflate it” (432). Kimmel believes that girls do better in some academic areas and males do better in others. He provides logical explanation for rising test scores of girls compared to boys. Kimmel states, “Girls are more likely to undervalue their abilities, especially in the more traditionally “masculine” educational arenas such as math and science. Only the most able and most secure girls take courses in those field. Thus, their numbers tend to be few, and their mean scores high”

In this essay, the author

  • Compares kimmel and garibaldi's views on the gender education problems in their articles "how the schools shortchange boys" and "a war against boys".
  • Analyzes garibaldi's professional experience in order to prove that boys are being short-changed in schools today. he argues that more girls earned high school diplomas than boys by using percentages.
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