Education Experiences For Deaf Students Essay

Education Experiences For Deaf Students Essay

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One of the most important decisions a parent makes for their child involves education. A child’s educational experience greatly influences and shapes the person they become. For this literature review I will be focusing on education experiences for Deaf students. Although there is not a great deal of research exploring the experiences of Deaf children who have been to both a mainstream and a residential school, there is research that examines both environments separately. The goal of this literature review is to examine the research available that discusses the positive factors that influence a Deaf child when sending them to a residential school and a mainstream school.
Growing up as a hearing individual whose first language was English I was very fortunate to be exposed to a new culture, community, and language. The school I went to until high school stood by their belief that an all-inclusive environment was most beneficial for all children. I was fortunate to have a handful of Deaf students in my classes. This mainstream environment resulted in multiple benefits for the hearing students and the Deaf students. As a hearing student I not only learned sign language I also quickly learned that my Deaf peers had no limitations. The negative stigma of being disabled or having a loss did not exist at my school and because of this mentality and acceptance taught by all faculties is the reason students were not seen as an outcast. My view of Deaf people was a positive one that I carry to this day. As for my Deaf peers they were able to have positive experiences with the hearing world at a young age and learn how to overcome any communication barriers that existed. Both the hearing culture and Deaf culture were given the opportunit...

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...literature of many authors it seems that the ultimate decision relies heavily on the child’s individual situation. It is important to look at all the benefits of both environments for a Deaf child’s education. It was noted in multiple sources above that children greatly benefit from the rigger of a mainstream setting but it is also vital for their development to be immersed in the Deaf community at some point. It was also noted that teachers in a mainstream setting must learn how to best accommodate to the needs of Deaf students so they can experience education like their hearing peers. In conclusion the Deaf child can find benefits from both settings. The article from Health and Research said it best when they said, “A loving home and a strong support system would sustain a child in either environment and help them to be successful at either type of school” (2015).

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