The Education Crisis in America Essay

The Education Crisis in America Essay

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The education crisis in America has been overlooked and ignored for far too long. Recognizing that young people are the future of our country should be priority and an initiative by the government. By providing the help that students and teachers need to be successful in the classroom, we eliminate all excuses for not finding success outside of the classroom. If the government gave more funding to public and state school systems, enforce reward systems for teachers who excel at their job, also create more education options for students; the country would see an increase of interest in high school and continuing that education further.
Teachers are some of the most important people in our school system. Majority of teachers in this country do not make the money that they should get paid. The job of a teacher is very demanding and frustrating one day to day. By implementing reward systems in high schools the school demonstrates appreciation for the teachers. Rewards can be as easy as recognition for something the teacher has done. “Recognize employee value by delegating functions according to level of competence. Employees who are neglected in the distribution of functions often become apathetic to the achievement of school goals” (Wali, 193). By giving a teacher or faculty member just some free coffee in the mornings can make a difference to a teacher and let them know you do care about them as well as the students. Its little actions like these that can make for a happy staff and be very affordable for the school as well. When you do not show everyone that they mean the same as every other teacher it makes them loose focus of what they are there to do. They forget the goals of the administration and supervisors above them. Gett...

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...but the education system should be the first act of motion. When you look at our education system compared to China’s dominant education plans, you can tell we have leaps and bounds to go. The government needs to recognize the problems facing our education system and it’s future. By addressing problems like the lack of funds that public school systems seem to be facing a lot can be turned around. Giving teachers more rewards for doing the job they have decided to take on, can help change the attitude of staff and teachers. Recognizing their importance can help them want to achieve the goals the administration has set before them. Also, by adding more options for students while in high school should increase the attentiveness and over all interest in school. By doing all these things the government can really help turn the crisis we face into something to celebrate.

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