Education and Social Mobility Essay

Education and Social Mobility Essay

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When I was young my family are poor. But when I growth up my family is locate in between middle class and upper class. And right now I do live in Scotland to study my undergraduate degree. According to the question from my experience education can help you survive. Because education is considerate to be a social status in today society. With good education you can get good career and earn a lot of money.
“Social mobility is Upward or downward movement within a stratification system. Liberal theory claims that capitalist societies are open-class and therefore one can expect a high degree of social mobility. According to liberal theory this movement within a stratification system should result from a person's achievements and should not be based on ascribed characteristics such as sex, race, region of birth, and parent's class position. Social mobility is typically measured by comparing the status positions of adult children to that of their parents (intergenerational mobility), but it can be measured by comparing a person's status position over their own lifetime (intragenerational mobility). Sociologists see social mobility as a useful way to measure equality of opportunity.”Ref(Online dictionary of the social sciences Available from: URL: )
The act of education in promoting social mobility source are coming from many sociological, Economical and political discussion. Refer to this modern era where the education has turn out to be very significant in today societies. Furthermore education is the career fortune teller for many people in society. Because education is the thing that can tell other people in society of who you are, where you from and how smart you are. According to the research pa...

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...ale and Scotland”, Education Review, 15: 68-73
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• Online dictionary of the social sciences © Robert Drislane, Ph.D. and Gary Parkinson, Ph.D. The online version of this dictionary is a product of Athabasca University and
Available from: URL:

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