Edgar Allan Poe 's The Black Cat Essay example

Edgar Allan Poe 's The Black Cat Essay example

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The Bible claims that all men are born in sin,even though some seem to be born pure and just. Yet how we are born does not reflect our decisions later in life. It is possible, and more favorable to live the rest of your life in purity, but some chose to delve deep into the pit of sin, allowing for body and mind to be consumed. As life began for the narrator of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Black Cat” he became a docile and humane man with a love of animals and people alike. After years of slowly succumbing to a reliance on alcohol, he destroys his and his wives lives in a series of events caused by his large cat Pluto. Through this tragic telling of a man’s spiral towards insanity, Edgar Allan Poe uses dramatic syntax formulated with concise yet dark diction to present a series of dramatic events with paralleling symbolism, stemming from alcohol addiction. These literary elements manifest man 's descent into pseudo reality and the dire consequences of alcoholism
Poe changes the connotation of his diction throughout the story to parallel the narrator 's mental decent. He begins the story by describing the narrator 's childhood and younger adult years in a much lighter tone. Recalling the way he was described in his younger years he claims that “I (he) was noted for the docility and humanity of my disposition” (Poe 1). He claims in his early life and adulthood he had many animals but fancied a large dog more than any of the others. Stating he had a special love for the “brute” (1), he manipulates the to recognizably animalistic and overpowering connotation of the word brute with that of a lighter and more playful tone, as if the large dog was as imposing as a Saint Bernard but loveable as a puppy. Later in the story he uses the same wo...

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... be complete on the day that he murders his wife. The second cat, which is never named, follows him and his wife down into their cellar and almost causes him to trip and fall. Instead of a normal reaction of slight anger, it “exasperated me to madness” and in his rage he raised and ax toward the cat (5). But his wife kept him from swinging the ax which caused “a rage more than demonical” and then stuck her in the head, killing her (5). This final act is the climax of his descent. He can’t go back to his normal self and because of his tampered veiws of the world, he has commited a crime that he can not have any retribution from. Showing further that a common illnes such as alchohol dependency can become so meniacle and innfluenctial that even a mere trip can throw a man into unmatched rage and cause him to commit acts sober that a normal man would not do intoxicated.

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