Edgar Allan Poe 's Influence On Writers Today Essay

Edgar Allan Poe 's Influence On Writers Today Essay

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Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachusetts on January 19th 1809. Poe had a tough life lots of hard work and dedication went into everything he had achieved in his lifetime. Poe who was referred to as the American master of the macabre, he was also one of the earliest American practitioners and considered to the inventor of detective fiction genre. First well know American writer to earn a living through published writing. (Two Hundred Years of Edgar Allan Poe.) The techniques Poe used have a great impact on writers today. He showed that it was okay to have poem and short stories that have terror and sadness along with personal opinions.
Poe went through a bunch of different hurdles in his lifetime. He started his working career as assistant editor of The Southern Literary Messenger. He salary from very low and with the amount he was drinking this lead to Poe getting fired. He moved with his wife and her mother to New York City where they lived in poverty. He sold a bunch of his writing for the next two years. He published The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym in 1838, this brought no income to Poe. He then moved to Philadelphia and lived on a fixed income, using the money he made from stories and other pieces that were published in magazines. Finally in 1839 he became co-editor of Burton’s Gentleman’s Magazine. At this time he wrote and published some of his best fiction like “The Fall of the House of the Usher” Poe had a problem with alcoholism and in the end this made him loose his job. He took another job this time an editing position with Grahams Magazine where he worked for bout a year. After he left Grahams he made his living by writing and working at occasional writing jobs and holding lectures. In 1844 he moved bac...

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... Heart another one of Poe better known pieces. The narrator of the story is taking care of an old man who has a creepy eye. The narrator become fixated on they eye and the only thing he can think of or focus on his the eye. The narrator spent eight nights cracking open the door to see if he could see the eye of the old man. On the eighth night he saw the eye and lost it, he went into the old mans room and killed him, hiding his body under the floor boards in the bedroom. This story shows how something that is bothering someone leads them to do something they will regret in the end. The point of the story is letting everyone see how the narrator acted on his emotions and in the end he ends of torturing himself because he thinks he can hear the beating of the mans heart. He realizes in the end that he killed an innocent man because of he had an obsession with his eye.

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