Economics Of Sport During Thi Time Essay

Economics Of Sport During Thi Time Essay

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Economics of sport during thi time was likely a driving factor for Hanlan and Gaudaur 's antics. The cycle of exclusion in England existed because the empowered elites created and maintained it – no such exclusion was established in Canadian rowing, providing employment for labourous working class athletes. It is estimated that Hanlan 's worth (from both direct prizes, and betting earnings) would be in the range of 10-20 million dollars in today 's currency. In terms of a career, Riess criticized the perception of sport as an opportunity for social mobility in this time period, though his focus is on the iterations of Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL). By 1910, MLB players were earning an average of $3,000 per year. A successful rower, like both Canadians featured in this paper, could earn that sum just in race prizes in a year, with much more earning potential from betting pools. As Riess pointed out, there were only 240 jobs in the MLB in 1910, an insufficient number to create social mobility. Hanlan and Gaudaur embodied the pinnacle of world rowing ability at the time. Financial gain and social mobility through rowing represent a significantly still smaller population.
The rise of spectator sports during the late 19th and early 20th centuries must have been an influence to professional rowers. Mendenhall described the exodus from professional rowing resulting from the sport 's lack of commercialism, and its limitations to specific locations and weather. These factors restricted the draw of the sport. Moreover, it allowed other sports to entice investors and spectators. Unless there is a day-long event, the logistics of rowing do not allow for commercialisation. With profession...

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...nal elitism, was made prominent in Canada as a result of professional scandal.
In part, it was poor timing for professional rowing. The inability of rowing to provide consistent entertainment as a spectator sport in comparison was not solely the fault of professional scullers. The growth of other popular sports of the time (football, baseball, and increasingly hockey and basketball) was a factor beyond their control. But it was also the actions of the athletes themselves that drove interest away from the sport. Taking a risk for both their livelihood and retention to their sport, the cumulative risk created a sport of spectacle wrought with scandal and scepticism. Together, these factors led to professional rowing largely disappearing in Canada, a far cry from the parades and songs which once welcomed Canada 's “international acclaim” back from other nations.

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