Economics in Popular TV Shows Essay

Economics in Popular TV Shows Essay

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American Dad! Season 3: Episode 12 – at the beginning of the episode (1:04-1:11), Roger, a character on the show, responds to Coffee pal’s recent incentive – the new Pumpkin Amaretto Cream! He eagerly embraces the exciting new flavor, and adds it to his coffee.
About 20 seconds later into the scene (1:31-1:37), Roger discovers he is extremely disappointed with the new addition to the Coffee pal creamers. This is an accurate rendering of Buyer’s Remorse. (I was unable to find this concept in the text book, but I do remember some mention of it in class.)
This particular excerpt is full of economic concepts! Coffee Pal’s new coffee creamer acts as an effective incentive that incites the buyer to purchase this product, and compels Roger to enthusiastically consume the product. Unfortunately, this joy is short-lived. After sampling the product, Roger realizes he has made a terrible mistake! Consequently, he proceeds to assault the creamer.
The show’s creator, Seth McFarlane, is known for his satire and situational comedy. In this particular clip, he seems to be acknowledging society’s eventual inevitable disappointment with a purchase. Relevant to reality, incentives and buyer’s remorse are so common that they have secured a place in this sardonic comedy. This may be a comical dramatization, but many consumers are quite familiar with this frustrating experience.
Many businesses employ the incentive tactic to boost sales. These firms introduce new merchandise to the market in order to attract new shoppers, and allow some diversification of their products. Consider all the different types of creamers, cheeses, bicycles, toys, and televisions gratifying the masses of today. There are literally millions of assorted goods produced ...

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...derstanding the multifaceted concepts behind the market can prove to be a beneficial endeavor. The ability to identify and apply economic ideas can thoroughly broaden the scope of consumer awareness. After all, economics is all around us!

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