The Science Of Media Buying

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Reach refers to the number of different people exposed to an advertisement in a given period of time at least once. Whereas frequency is the amount of times a person is exposed to the advertisement during a specific period of time. To simplify it reach focusses on as many people as possible and frequency’s focus is less people but more often (Belch, Belch, & Guolla, 2008, p. 276).

When planning media you have to predetermine whether reach or frequency is more important for the specific product or message. New products or brands usually require high levels of reach to allow the largest amount of people to receive the message in the shortest amount of time and create brand awareness. While frequency is required when the message is not easy to remember or requires some sort of action from the consumer within a limited time (Belch, Belch, & Guolla, 2008, p. 291).

The science of media buying involves looking at previous statistical data collected and used for cost analysis and market research. This allows decisions to be based on facts such as target market size, gender, age, income and so on, while also looking at the direct costs involved with each medium. Once the campaign is over the science of media buying allows you to measure results against the forecasts made (Engelbrecht Advertising, 2011).

The art of buying media takes into account consumer behaviors and preferences and then looks at how those tie into the product or service being advertised. You may know your target market is males ages 18-24 with a minimum income of $25,000 but now all of the consumers that fit into this target are the ones that are going to purchase your product or service. You also need to know how they come to a purchase decision, where these purcha...

... middle of paper ... within their retail stores and pole signs and the message on sales promotion print ads. This provides a consistent message through all aspects of their IMC campaign.
• Allows reach to consumers on so many different levels while getting the same message across “Talk to Kal”. With such a simple and easy message that sticks in the consumers head it becomes hard to forget it when you require vehicle related things.
• Billboard provides the message while the consumer is driving their vehicle which is the thing Kal Tire can help with.
• Made Kal Tire seem very approachable and customer based.
• Creates a good mix of reach and frequency through all aspects used.
• In bigger city centres that may not be as familiar with Kal Tire the consumer may not know who “Kal” is.
• The campaign seemed to get old as it went on for a rather long period of time.
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