Economic Burden of Low Birth Weight Basis Essay

Economic Burden of Low Birth Weight Basis Essay

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Low birth weight is a major problem which has a global impact. It is a major public health problem. The birth weight of an infant is the single most important determinant of its chances of survival, healthy growth and development. [2]
Definition of Low Birth Weight:
According to WHO definition it has been defined as weight at birth of less than 2500 gms (5.5 pounds). That was based on the epidemiological observations that infants weighing less than 2500gms are 20 times more likely to die than heavier babies. [ 4]
Causes of low birth weight:
Many factors affect the duration of gestation and of foetal growth, and thus , the birth weight.
• For the same gestational age girls weigh less than boys, First born infants are lighter than subsequent infants, and twins weigh less than singletons.
• Mother’s nutritional status from pregnancy to birth of the child.
• Women with short stature, women living at high altitudes
• Infections like malaria, HIV or syphilis
• Complication such as hypertension.
• Low socio- economic status. [4]

Defining the Costs Associated with Low Birth Weight :

• The components of total cost for low birth weight include the costs of the medical care, special education, early intervention, and other support services consumed disproportionately by low birth weight children.
• Additional costs to the family, such as the extra time that parents of sick low birth weight babies devote to their care, are also components of the cost of low birth weight.
• In a cost-of-illness analysis, the different levels of resources associated with an illness or condition such as low birth weight are identified, quantified, and valued in money terms.
• Once they have been quantified and valued, the v...

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...oper implementation of policies and programmes achievements can be attained


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