Essay on Eating Out Is Not A Good Thing

Essay on Eating Out Is Not A Good Thing

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Comfort food
We have all had a long hard day at work and sometimes we simply don’t feel like cooking or we may not have had the time to cook so we order out and all that you can think about is having our large pepperoni pizza with an ice cold beer. Sure that this sounds like a comfort night with good food but for many this comfort night of fast food is only once in a while and that is fine. For some this night might happen more than once a week increasing their consumption of fast food. Eating out is not a good thing but its ok to at least have it once in a while but to eat out continuously is not a good thing. According to The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, it states that when using the Body mass index adults with the age 18.5 to 24.96 fall into the realm of “normal weight” but 25 to 29.9 are overweight and 30+ are obese (Overweight and Obesity Statistics). People are progressively becoming over weight as they increase in age but what could be the cause of this?
Daren Bakst wrote in an article titled, Government Control of Your Diet: Threats to “Freedom to Eat,” that “Many politicians and self-appointed nutrition czars see Americans as incapable of making decisions about a basic necessity of life: eating. Therefore, they feel that government at all levels must try to control their diets. This control means trying to direct people to eat a certain way or expressly prohibiting or banning the consumption of certain foods.” As time progresses it is becoming more difficult for Americans to be able to eat healthier and it may become necessary for government to become more involved in our diet but Zinczenko and Haygood both agree in their articles that obesity is happening more in rural commu...

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...he fast food industries. Fast food consumers who have fallen for the marketing tricks of fast food industries may protest and say that it is because of them that they are so obese because consumers think they have no other affordable alternative. We have to understand that this is much like a double standard. Eating fast food is fine to do, but it is important to not overdo it and find yourself in a destructive cycle of binge eating at local fast food restaurants. A person can manage their time better to make sure that their children are eating right. A person cannot blame their lack of energy as an excuse why their children are eating so much processed food. Fast food industries may market and distribute their companies, however, they find most profitable, but it is the consumer’s money that is making them become profitable and in returning making themselves obese.

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