Essay on Eat That Frog Is The Biggest And Most Important Task One

Essay on Eat That Frog Is The Biggest And Most Important Task One

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The book eat that frog is ultimately about how to not put things off and wait until the last minute to do something. The frog in this book represents the biggest and most important task one is trying to accomplish. This book provides plenty of strategies and advice on how to keep from procrastinating on these bigger tasks that most people put off; How to strive at the workplace. While there are multiple steps in this process, they are simple and anyone that is willing can do it. Some examples of this process are as follows; Planning is very important. Once you have decided what your task or goal is write it down, unwritten goals trigger confusion and mistakes. Making a list and writing it down is crucial, it helps you to understand everything you need to do and it helps to keep you on track. Writing things down makes you more productive than a person who does not. While planning may seem like it takes a lot of time and effort that is not the case every minute you spend planning takes 10 minutes off completing the goal. Making this list makes people feel a sense of positive which can help overcome procrastination. Most people procrastinate on the most important things. People tend to work on the little things first, but only see minimum results. If you can resist the urge to do the minor things first and do your task that make up the bulk of your work you will get a lot more done in a shorter period of time. If you choose to keep working on the small things first it can become a habit that is not so easy to break. The simple act of thinking about doing a big task can help you overcome the urge to put things off.
Something else people seem to look over is their surrounds when trying to complete a task. Make sure you have everyt...

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...ears is to do the thing you fear. In class and in the text book we walked about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and his pyramid. Underneath esteem you see confidence, you have to build up confidence to be strong enough to face your fears. You can not be afraid to shoot your shot as Wayne Gretzky might say. You have to be ready a willing to take a chance on a new task to build up your skills and confidence. Overcoming procrastination helps you feel more confident, gives you a since of achievement and boots your self-esteem all thigs you will see on Maslow’s pyramid.
In conclusion, everyone procrastinates you just have to be self-motivated if you want to see change. Anyone can learn these skills and be more productive and effective. Everyone should read this book because it shows that you can have a balance between work and you family life without one having to suffer.

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