The Earth is Divided into Biomes Essay

The Earth is Divided into Biomes Essay

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The earth is divided climatically and geographically into specific areas where there are similarities in communities of vegetation, organisms and animals. These ecosystems are often referred to as biomes. Differences in biomes usually consists of identifiable plant structures where there is a specific pattern of ecological activity. Biomes are also major types of habitats for different types of organisms and animals.
The following paper will explore two different biomes: Boreal Forest and the Tropical Rainforest. An examination of these two biomes will provide an understanding of how these biomes exists and the various types and forms of processes that acted on it and are acting on it both biologically and through abiotic factors.
Boreal Forest
Named after Boreas, the Greek God of the North Wind, the Boreal Forest Circles the northern globe like an emerald halo. At 1.2 billion acres, Canada’s intact boreal forest stretches from coast to coast and it is the largest intact forest ecosystem remaining on earth (Kurz, Stinson & Rampley, 2008). This unique and protected mosaic of interconnected habitat includes lakes, river valleys, wetlands, peatlands and tundra, at its northern regions (Kurz, Stinson & Rampley, 2008). Its rich soils and permafrost store twice as much carbon per acre as tropical rainforests and are critical in the fight against global warming (Preston, Bhatti, Flanagan & Norris, 2006).
At a time when fresh water supplies are diminishing around the globe, the vast reserves in Canada’s boreal are increasingly important to protect. Wetlands make up nearly one third of the Canadian boreal, an estimated 1.5 million lakes and some of the country’s largest river systems (Soja, et al., 2007). Canada’s largest rive...

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...ainforest, the orangutan finds a home in the tress because of the optimal temperatures offered by the climate and fruits they need for their diet (Bush, Flenley & Gosling, 2007). Finally, the jaguar, which is native to Central American, has become synonymous with the Amazon Rainforest. It has made its home in the forest and hunts for prey during the night (Bush, Flenley & Gosling, 2007).
The Boreal Forest and Tropical Rainforest are two important and crucial biomes on the planet. They are a necessary part of an ecosystem that sustains plant and animal life. In understanding these biomes, it helps researchers and the public become more aware of the delicate balance needed for their continued survival and also, their protection from increasing anthropogenic activities. Given the global impact of these biomes, it is important to understand as much as we can.

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