Early Warning (EW) and Rapid Response (RR) in the Peacekeeping Process Essays

Early Warning (EW) and Rapid Response (RR) in the Peacekeeping Process Essays

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The link between conflict, peace and development is undeniable; countries affected by war suffer from greater poverty, malnutrition, and underdevelopment. Stability and peace are prerequisites for successful development processes and it is a successful pursuit of sustainable development that reinforces stability and peace, promoting human security (Peacebuilding Center, 2013: 3). Recent international consensus is based on the view that without peace there can be no-sustainable development, and without sustainable socio-economic development, there can be no sustainable peace (Peacebuilding Center, 2013: 4); therefore maintaining peace is integral to development. Peacebuilding refers to all activities that deal directly with conflict and peace issues, whether before, during or after conflict.

While peace building may be initiated at any point during a conflict cycle, it is much less costly in human and financial terms if it is done early (Peacebuilding Center, 2013: 3). This idea was reinforced in June 2001 upon the release of the United Nations (UN) Secretary General Report on the Prevention of Armed Conflict (Report of the Secretary General, 2001), in which the central argument was that ‘prevention should be initiated at the earliest possible stage of a conflict cycle in order to be most effective’ (Matveeva, 2006: 10). It is difficult to disagree with the concept of early warning (EW) and rapid response (RR); obtaining knowledge to synthesise a way to assist in the mitigation of conflict. In this sense, EW and RR are irrefutable necessities. There is a need to actively engage in crisis prevention initiating a prognosis of when, why and where conflict will erupt (Austin, 2004: 2). The ultimate goal of EW and RR is not to predi...

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