Essay on Drug Use And Its Effects On The United States

Essay on Drug Use And Its Effects On The United States

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One hit, one sniff, one injection and suddenly your life is forever changed. The way your body feels the moment of that rush; the cravings you acquire create the need to feel that rush once again and the trouble you will go through in order to feel it again. Drugs have inhabited the earth for centuries. People have been resorting to drugs for various reasons such as; medical use, recreational use or research purposes. One of the most common drugs used is cocaine. Cocaine is a drug derived from coca leafs and prepared synthetically; it is used as an illegal stimulant and sometimes as an anesthetic for animals. However, in today’s world cocaine is more commonly used as a recreational drug. Unfortunately, with the usage of illegal drugs come the violence, prison, and death. However, what if we could do something about the violence, prison time and the number of deaths due to illegal drug use. The United States can benefit from the legalization of cocaine by it reducing the overcrowding in state prisons along with being able to increase the taxes of cocaine and use that extra money to better our communities.
The United States of American incarcerates more individuals than any other country. According to an article written by the Huffington Post, they state, “No country incarcerates a higher percentage of its population than the United States. At 716 per 100,000 people in 2013; that three and half times the European rate. The United States also far exceeded Canada (188 per 100,000), Australia (130 per 100,000), New Zealand (192 per 100,000) and Japan (51 per 100,000).” Due to these high rates of incarceration, it leads to prison overcrowding. Unfortunately, because of these overcrowded prisons taxpayers are forced to support the sys...

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...a money for our communities; to better our schools funds and further our education. Allow the legalization of cocaine can bring great benefits to our nation it can also tear it apart. With drugs comes violence. Individuals who do drugs are more likely to commit drugs because they are not in the right state of mind; they do not realize what they are doing and cannot comprehend the consequences that follow their actions. The frequent use of cocaine brings the addiction. Cocaine increases your levels of dopamine giving you that high. An individual that uses cocaine regularly will build a tolerance to the drug meaning they will need more and more of the drug to feel the same high; this is what leads to addiction. Addiction is an everyday battle; one that you will be fighting for the rest of your life. Legalizing cocaine can benefit our country but it can also destroy it.

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