Drug Use And Its Effects On America Essay

Drug Use And Its Effects On America Essay

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Illicit drug use poses a grave and dour problem in America, and with its ever-increasing population there is a growing number of young teens using narcotics. There is no group of people more affected by this problem than young teens in high school. Illegal drug usage can inflict serious damage upon America and its citizens every year. Such drugs include: heroin, marijuana, cocaine, and methamphetamine. These said drugs can have negative effects on every aspect of your life along with many consequences and can lead to many health problems from organ dysfunction to nervous system malfunction. Fortunately, there are treatment programs and prevention methods to tackle drug problems.
Drug use upon high school students are prominent throughout the nation. Most of them have been exposed to illegal drugs through media images, peers, or family members. Based on a survey by the CDC in 2007, “45% of high school students nationwide smoked marijuana during a one-month period” (The Truth about Drugs). Another survey taken by the Gallup Organization shows that “one in five teenagers said they have tried illegal drugs” (Coleen 1). Only a small number of those who try illegal drugs develop a serious problem. Teens who attend schools where drugs are used, kept, or sold are “three times likelier to have tried marijuana, three times likelier to get drunk in a typical month, and twice as likely to have tried alcohol, compared to teens who attend drug-free schools” (Nasso 23). According to a report published by the American Medical Association, more than half of all American teenagers will have tried an illegal drug by the time they finish high school. Parents may not be able to stop their children trying drugs, but parent support may help ...

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... it can certainly have a significant effect to reduce it. People must be a positive and moral influence to the younger generations in their development. The responsibility of high school’s administrating the students are all things that we should not take for granted and must look after wisely. It’s important to do this to keep high school students off of illicit drugs and keep schools a safe and friendly environment for the well-being of the community and most of all, education. Having a better knowledge of the current situation will better make students understand how much of an impact drug use have on themselves, to the others around them, and to the nation. Knowing about this problem, people can take a stand and lend a helping hand to those in need. In the end, “morality trumps illegality in deterring teen smoking, drinking, and illegal drug use” (Nasso 26).

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