Essay Drug Lords Control Illegal Drugs

Essay Drug Lords Control Illegal Drugs

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Drug lords, traffickers, dealers, producers, consumers, drugs, money, and violence comprise illegal drug industries. Drug lords control illegal drug industries via violence ensuring businesses runs smoothly and profitable. For example, “Griselda Blanco, also known as ‘La Madrina’ (The Godmother)’ …is believed to be responsible for more than 200 murders including that of a two-year-old child” (Bono, 2016, “Griselda Blanco”). Drug lords also make sure that their products are transported secretly like Frank Lucas, also known as Superfly, smuggling heroin in coffins of dead American soldiers (Bono, 2016, “Frank Lucas”). Drug lords are also extremely wealthy such as Amado Carrillo Fuentes “with an estimated fortune of $25 billion” (Bono, 2016, “Amado Carrillo Fuentes”).
Drug traffickers are responsible for secretly transporting illegal drugs from place to place by means of drug mules, trucks, airplanes, “catapults, submarines, and extremely small aircrafts” (Blackstone, 2012, p. 1). Additionally, law enforcement has discovered nearly 100 systematic underground tunnels (Blackstone, 2012). People often get involved in drug trafficking as a means to deal with poverty. According to Goode (2015), “the pooer an area, society, or community, the greater the incentive to produce, traffic, and sell illegal drugs” (Goode, 2015, p. 405). Because of globalization, drug trafficking is difficult to extinguish because “whenever drug trafficking is ‘pushed down’ in one area, it ‘pops up’ in another” (Goode, 2015, p. 407).
Drug dealers are in charge of selling drugs. They cannot use legal means to handle problems within the drug trade. If a person has wronged them, he or she cannot sue that person in court or call the police. The dealer has to take...

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...rises the illegal drug industry? The illegal drug industry is comprised of heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, LSD, etc. It has successful marketing strategies and can be bought cheap. The majority of people cannot afford drugs so they result to crime to help fund their drug habit. The illegal drug industry can also be attractive because people are making easy money; however the risk goes haywire.

What is the Correlation between the Illegal Drug Industry and Crime?
What is the correlation between illegal drug industry and crime. Crime funds the illegal drug industry. They go hand in hand. Ways to hide money is through “reputable” businesses. These businesses put up a front to make it seem like they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. However, they are not doing what they are doing. They are only doing this to hide their drug activity from law enforcement.

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