Drug Abuse Is A Sickness Essay examples

Drug Abuse Is A Sickness Essay examples

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Drug Abuse Is a Sickness
Drugs can decide how you live your life. There are many ways to avoid around doing drugs, but some people just think they need them to survive. They are horrible and there are multiple ways to proceed to the help they need and to recover. Many people fall into the category of drug abusers and do not realize there is help available to them. Often people turn to drugs as a way out to avoid facing the problems within or around them. Then, there are times when one is prescribed a medication and then they quickly become a dependent on it. Thus, falling into the category of being a drug abuser. So, what is a solution to avoid this?
Some have started drugs by being peer pressured. “Just try crack once and everything’s gonna be okay; it will make everything go away” ("The Truth About Crack Cocaine"). Then the person will try it so that they can “be cool” or “fit in”, when in all reality things like that are not healthy. After being peer pressured, the drugs continue. Addiction is now in control of you and your body. Now that the addiction is there, family and friends start disappearing. They do not want nothing to do with the people on drugs because they are simply different now. Drugs could cause you to even become homeless. No more roof over your head or even food in your stomach. Every dollar received is now put toward the addiction. Most people do not even realize that they are addicted. They think they’re just sick. So, somebody else begins to take notice what is going on and tells them that they (the drug abuser) should go be seen by a doctor and be given some prescription medicine. Now they have these drugs and begin abusing them because it 's all they have. Prescription drugs are the most drugs that...

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... That way there is always somebody there to talk too. Never have to worry about being put down because there is a therapist there to pushing somebody up and become better. There is always a way to be treated, but it will only work if someone does not deny the help that is provided for them.
The solution to this is to ask for help. Never let a drug control your body. It Is far from healthy. Once you become come clean, life starts coming back positive. Drug addiction is a sickness just because somebody can feel so down about themselves, become homeless, and even become very helpless. They feel as if that is the only way they can live is if they have the drug. Life is not and should not be revolved around that. We should revolve ourselves around positive atmospheres and show everybody who is “sick” that life is possible. You can do it! Lets help those who are in need.

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