Essay on The Drinking Age Should Not Be Mandatory

Essay on The Drinking Age Should Not Be Mandatory

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Witnessing the cruel acts of war at eighteen is permissible in the United States, but drinking is restricted. America has had laws on the books about drinking even before national Prohibition in 1920. While, it can be argued that if someone can fight for their country they should be allowed to have a beer, there has been more detrimental effects on several different factors that prevent the age from being lower. Dr. Alexander C. Wagenaar from University of Minnesota found that the 1970’s included age limit experimenting between eighteen and twenty years old within the different states. After the trial and error stage, the Uniform Drinking Age Act was enacted to force states to raise the drinking age back to twenty-one or else they would not receive federal funding for highways (Wagenaar). The drinking age should not be eighteen years old because of the malevolent effects on the bodies and cognitive abilities of adolescents.
At the age of eighteen, an individual can enlist in the military, vote, purchase items from infomercials, get a tattoo, and even rent an apartment. These are just a few privileges of the plethora that eighteen year olds receive on their birthday. Other benefits, such as running for the House of Representatives, happens at the age of twenty-five. It does not mean that one is not capable of doing the job at a younger age; the older age shows earned level-headedness. The drinking age currently expresses an achievement of higher maturity. Social customs revolve around alcohol, but the dangers of them are not always addressed.
Alcohol is a fermented drink that comes in the form of beer, wine, and spirits and changes the way a consumer can think. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) reports that,...

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... the price of life and health is not worth more than the ramifications of alcohol which is why minors should not be able to drink.
Being eighteen makes someone a legal adult in the United States with the ability to vote, smoke, and get a tattoo. Adding alcohol to the milestone of being eighteen is just too much responsibility for new adults to add on to the pile. The drinking age should be lowered one more year to twenty from the current federal drinking age. More money will be going into the economy because a new age group will be able to purchase alcohol from the current age. Even though the MLDA will not stop underage youth from drinking, having it at twenty as opposed to eighteen will make it less easily accessible to minors in high school. The upshots that alcohol will have on young adults is too great to justify lowering the drinking age to eighteen.

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