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Furthermore, Mr. Olson ensures that his followers have a certain freedom to explore and innovate. In addition, he makes his vision known to others so that they know what the future of the school will look like. Sometimes the vision is not agreed upon, and this is where trust comes into play. Others need to trust that his decisions are for the best interests of the institution. One example he used – unsurprisingly, a baseball one – was about the Cubs. Five years ago, Cubs General Manager Theo Epstein stated his vision. His vision, which would result in a few years of unenjoyable baseball for Cubs fans, needed to have the trust of his peers. Fast forward five years and now the Cubs are World Series champions because Theo Epstein stated his vision and showed others how it fit into the larger goals of the organization.
Leaders must have a strong emotional intelligence. I agree with a point Mr. Olson presented, saying that leadership often occurs in crisis and that is always filled with emotion. The best way to corral emotions is to surround himself with people who will tell him to calm down. Once again, Brother Collins’ philosophy of surrounding himself with good people arises in Mr. Olson’s actions. In the end, however, objectivity is difficult because all leaders are human beings that have opinions and feelings.
Goal-setting is a significant aspect for being an effective leader. To Mr. Olson, goals are useless unless they are shared. When others are able to see goals, they are able to refine them into more realistic, or even bolder, goals. One way Mr. Olson does this is through teachers’ goal-setting. First, each teacher must have a goal. For instance, one may have a desire to incorporate more technology. Then, there must be ...

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.... Leaders cannot operate in the past and stick to old ways. They must look forward and try to make decisions that are for the betterment of the organization. I have always had a vision and set goals for myself, but now I will make them known to others in order for adjustment and refinement.
When I first thought of a leader before the interview, I envisioned a person who focused on completing tasks. I never internalized the importance of relationships in leadership. This not only includes relationships with other decision-makers, but also with the followers such as students. I agree with every point Mr. Olson made. It was interesting to gain certain insight from the viewpoint on a principal that I otherwise may have never known. Going forward, I am going to take Mr. Olson’s advice. I have learned that the best way to become a leader is through learning from another.

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