Dr. Kristal Curry 's The Master Of Arts Essay

Dr. Kristal Curry 's The Master Of Arts Essay

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Dr. Kristal Curry is an Assistant Professor in the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) Program in the Spadoni College of Education. During the 2015-2016 academic year, Dr. Curry submitted her dossier for promotion to Associate Professor and tenure decision. This letter is a review of the calendar year of 2015. The definitions of descriptors defined in the Promotion and Tenure Faculty Annual Evaluation Rubrics (cited in 2013-2014 Spadoni College of Education Policies and Procedures Handbook) were used to make the determinations of “outstanding,” “very good,” “good,” and “needs improvement.”

In the area of teaching, Dr. Curry taught a total of three different courses which includes two sections of one of the course and two sections of internship, spring and fall of 2015. Her quantitative student/course evaluations indicated a total mean rating of 4.82 based on three of the five courses taught or supervised, which was a slight increase from her mean rating for 2014. The two courses that did not document quantitative student/course evaluation results was two sections of internships with four students enrolled in each. Also, based on Dr. Curry’s qualitative evaluation narratives, students also provided feedback for improvement (e.g., not enough critical feedback; too easy on some students; explanations and directions need to be stated clearly and at a pace suitable to students’ comprehension; and should be more strict with assignments and grading). Dr. Curry provided an overall reflection on her teaching that addresses student feedback as well as decision or modifications she were made, during and after the completion of the course, to assure a better execution of the course during the fall 2016 semester.
In addition to the q...

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...ews of course evaluations and student narratives, and first-hand knowledge of her performance and based on the current criteria outlined in the Performance Expectations Elaborations: Criteria and Standards for Promotion and Tenure for 2013-2014, Dr. Curry’s performance this year meets or exceeds the criteria for outstanding in all areas: Teaching, Scholarship, and Service. Although Dr. Curry had a productive year in scholarship based on the current annual evaluation rubric, she will need to continue her focus and look for opportunities to write for a major funded grant and presenting at the national level to increase the probability of impact on the profession of teacher education, specifically social studies education.
Dr. Curry stated three goals that seem reasonable and attainable since she is currently has a plan and is in the process of accomplishing each goal.

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