Essay on Dorothy Day: An Advocate for The Poor

Essay on Dorothy Day: An Advocate for The Poor

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In a society of protagonist superheroes within books and televisions all across the world, what makes a real hero? Is it leadership, determination, courage, dedication, or conviction? To all, Dorothy Day is all of the above. To many, she is a saint; a woman of true selflessness, who compassionately put the lives of the broken before her own. She is the icon of the kind of leader that everyone else, anyone else, can be, not by changing other people but by changing themselves (Chittister). Throughout her life, Dorothy Day was a herald to the church, a leader to the state, and an advocate for the poor.
Dorothy Day entered the world in Brooklyn, New York on November 8th, 1897. Born to Grace and John Day, she was the third of five children. Although both her parents were baptized Christians, she did not grow up with a familiarity to religion’s mysteries. Her parents preferred practicing a strict philosophy to parenting; Newspapers were not allowed in the house and light reading was forbidden. Despite the limitations to only Charles Dickens and Edgar Allen Poe, Dorothy and her brothers would smuggle in ten cent novels of romance and adventure.
When Dorothy was six years old, the Day family packed up for a long journey from New York City to the west coast. Her father’s job as a sports writer settled the family in Berkeley, California at first, and then in Oakland. Just as the children were starting to call California home, the 1906 San Francisco earthquake struck this new home, striking their hearts as well. This life-changing disaster was the first experience Dorothy had of people really getting involved with helping strangers. Unfortunately the help from neighbors was not enough to fix the permanent damage within the Days’ Californ...

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...ver believed she was a saint, but if the world sat down for a cup of coffee with Dorothy, it would tell her that she was one of the most incredible heroins the world has ever known. Not only was she a saint and a hero, she was an angel to the hopeless.

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