The Doping Of Doping And Doping Essay

The Doping Of Doping And Doping Essay

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Sports are an activity which requires skill and physical effort by an individual or the team who competes with each other for the mean of the entertainment. In order to prove superiority in the game, athletes often get caught taking performance enhancing drugs to get a rising edge against their competitors. “Denationalise the Olympics to really stamp out cheating” (Jenkins, n.d, para.1). The usage of the illegal substances in sports known as the “Doping”. Doping can enhance the growth of the muscle tissue and can boost the body strength, but the long term effects of these drugs can lead to several body problems and major health risks.
Dope was originated from the Dutch word “Dop” having the South African origins. Tribal people used to drink a stimulant drink in the ceremonies and Zulu warriors used to drank this drink to boost their way of approach in the battle. The roots of the doping are strong since ancient Greece. In the third century, a well-known Greek physician reported the use of the medicinal products among Greek athletes to enhance their strength. In the Olympics games played between 300-668 BCE, many cases came out where the athletes were found using the stimulating and fortifying substances which enhances their performance in sports. The first case of death from the drug overdose was recorded in 1886 in the world renowned Bordeaux Paris race. Cyclist Arthur Linton’s died as the result of the strychnine overdose. The first ever anti-doping rule was passed by the IAAF (International Amateur Athletic Federation) in 1928 to ban and control the usage of the drugs in the sports.
The drugs which are under the prohibited list of the use can lead to severe health risk. The drugs listed in the banned list are the ones which are...

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... irreversible side effects. In the blood doping and other methods using the syringe can put individual at a higher risk of contracting infectious disease as HIV/AIDS and hepatitis. Blood doping can cause serious damage to the body by increasing the white blood cells and can also result in the reduction of the platelet count.
In conclusion, every athletes dreams to be the best player in the sport they play. Most of them will stop at anything to get the success they want, even if it means to break the rules. The use of the PEDs is therefore very popular in athletes as it gives an upper edge over other competitors. Athletes often forget the ill effects of the PEDs and lend themselves in the dark pit hole of mental and physical distress. The policies meant to stop doping are working really hard to save the true spirit of sports and to vanish the dark clouds of doping.

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