Domestic Violence Is A Pattern Of Controlling Behaviors That One Partner

Domestic Violence Is A Pattern Of Controlling Behaviors That One Partner

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“Domestic violence is a pattern of controlling behaviors that one partner uses to get power over the other” (Burger, 201,3 p.64). One in every four women in the United States are are assaulted in their life time,” (Penn State Public Broadcasting, 2011). I will be going into the McGee home as a caseworker for a case study on the family.

As a caseworker assigned to the McGee family I was sent to the home because of reports of domestic violence and a report of child neglect. As the caseworker I’m there in the home to assistance the clients in” meeting goals expectations through a variety of intervention strategies specific to the actual problem” (Martin, 2013, p. 75). I work for child protective service and I’m going out to the McGee home to determine if the home is safe for children, and to see what resource are need for the family.

I arrived at the McGee family home to go over the reports that I received. One of the reports sated that “while the McGee’s were in vehicle, a heated argument starts’ (Penn State Public Broadcasting, 2011)." And in the course of that argument, Vincent takes a handgun, discharges it into the passenger window of the vehicle” (Penn State Public Broadcasting, 2011). I explained to the McGee family that I’m here on a formal visit where I will be explaing with the McGee’s why I have come to their home, and go go over information that has been gathered by child protective service.

There are two infant children living in the home with the mother (Amy) and the father (Vincent). Vincent does most of the talking and Army looks very timid and withdrawn. When speaking with Amy she looks around with a discouraging look on her face as if she was unhappy. Amy’s emotion does matches what she is conveying during the i...

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...ividual Therapy and Support Groups. I would recommend that Amy talk with other women who has been in abusive relationship as well. I would also recommend that Amy keeps a journal so she can write things down.

Ethical Interventions plans for the McGee children even though they are not showing any signs of abuse I would recommend that the children attend play keep the children on the right track.

I do believe that if these interventions would have been in place for Amy case the outcome would have been different for her. Abused people never speak up for themselves until it’s too late which was Amy’s case. I do believe that if Vincent would have had counseling and and a mentor he could have overcome his alcohol addictions and would have been a great father and husband. Overall this case could have had a positive ended if the right intervention were in place.

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