Domestic Abuse : A Victim Of Two Abusive Relationships Essay

Domestic Abuse : A Victim Of Two Abusive Relationships Essay

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Maria, a victim of two abusive relationships states, “The worst assault was when he strangled me and pushed me towards the wall. I was petrified and tried not to make him more furious. He never apologised for this, and I believed “I deserved it” because I made him angry”. Just like Maria, “1 out of 4 women are beaten by their spouses or partners at some point in their lives”(BFWC) and most do not do anything about it until the matter worsens. According to GlobalGrind, the victim does not report the abuse until after around an average of 35 hits from their abuser (Coleman). Domestic abuse is a very serious and recurring issue in the world. Victims suffering from domestic abuse find it hard to escape from the situation because of their lack of self esteem, fear of their abuser seeking revenge on them if they leave, and hope that someday their partner will change.
Women being abused find it hard to leave the relationship because they already have reached the point where the abuse from their partner is second nature to them. They start believing all the negative things that are said about them. This is where they start to lose their own self esteem and self worth and start to believe that they deserve what is happening to them. According to, “If victims of domestic violence have low self-esteem, it can cause them to stay in an abusive relationship” (Collinson). Donna tells her personal story of domestic abuse on DVRCV. She tells us that she met her partner when she was...

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... be enforcing support groups for abusers and trying to rectify the abusers instead of just blaming the victims for not being able to get out of the relationship fast enough.
Victims aren’t able to leave the abusive relationship they are in because of lack of self esteem, fear that their abuser will seek revenge because they left and the false hope that one day their partner will change. To this day, women are abused every minute by their partner and still don’t have the courage to speak up and/or leave the situation they are in. To this day, many women are beaten to death everyday with no one to help them and get them out of the situation they are in. To this day, women still feel helpless when they are put in these dangerous situations. To this day they still feel like they have no one to support them if and when they do try and leave the relationship they are in.

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